What's New?

TomTom Integration

  • TomTom, a major routing tool in the market, was integrated into SCRM's mapping capabilities.

Domain Name Company Field

  • Domain name was added as a new field for Customer Companies. This field was intended to validate and avoid duplication of companies.


  • When creating a new quote, the system was updated to better accommodate keyboard navigation (use of tab, spacebar, enter).
  • Awarded LCL lanes are now added to the dashboard widgets and account performance list.
  • The sales pipeline filter was improved to not pre-select any contact owner when selecting a branch.
  • Summary token on email templates now accommodates LCL lanes and will populate the quote summary accordingly.
  • When the quote logo is not configured, the system will provide a default quote logo using the company's initials.
  • In the company form for customers, email address is no longer a required field.
  • When updating the pipeline stage of a contact, the associated company and contacts will also be updated.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 was enhanced to be more stable and lessen disconnections.