What's New?

FCL Quoting

  • Users can now create FCL quotes.
  • FCL can be combined with LCL, FTL, LTL, and Intermodal in one single quote.
  • FCL quoting has all the features found on existing services, such as adding accessorials, historical and recommended margin widgets, quote history, and commenting.
  • FCL quotes can be customized to include or exclude inland transportation from the quote.


  • Scrolling in LTL quotes is now smoother and more responsive.
  • Time pickers across the application show the closest 15-minute interval according to the user's system time.
  • The pipeline now considers email activities in its last contacted information.
  • When a city is selected during quote creation, the system automatically opens the zip code dropdown to show other options.
  • In customer company and contact lists, the system will remember the last used view (card or list view) even if the user navigates away or logs out.
  • FCL, LCL, and IM quotes now provide a clear field button to delete text quickly.
  • Company sites no longer require an email address when being created.
  • When filling out the address of a branch, the system now suggests addresses found through Google's API.
  • The email notification design was updated to be consistent with SCRM.