What's New?

Sales Pipeline

  • This new feature will allow users to manage leads in the sales process better.
  • The pipeline can be found as a separate tab on the top menu bar.
  • A new company property called "Pipeline Stage" was created. This controls the status of leads in the pipeline.
    • Stages can be added, removed, renamed, and/or rearranged via the Admin portal in the Forms, Fields & Values settings.
  • By default, the pipeline shows companies assigned to the user as either Sales Owner or Customer Service Owner.
  • The pipeline can be filtered using the following options: My Companies (default), All Companies, or Last Contacted Days range.
  • The pipeline can be displayed in Card View or List View
    • Card View sorts companies by last contacted days
    • List View sorts companies alphabetically.
  • Company fields can be edited within the pipeline.

Carrier Management

  • Users can now create Carrier Companies and Contacts in the application.
  • Carrier Companies and Contacts can be found on the Company and Contact List pages, respectively, and changing the main heading dropdown from Customers to Carriers.
  • Carrier Company and Contact Forms allow users to create/log notes, calls, in person, and tasks.
    • Tasks are not yet reflected in the To-Do section of the Dashboard. This feature will be included in a future update.
  • Users can create multiple sites under a Carrier Company.


  • The Main Point of Contact field now drops down to provide options.
  • Inside a Quote/Contact Form, the company name under the quote/customer name links to the Company Form.
  • In the Company List card view, contact icons are now clickable and will link to their respective Contact Forms.
  • When there's no point of contact selected while creating a call, in person, task, or quote, the system now tells the user to create a contact in order to save.
  • In the Company Form, the phone number format was updated to allow international phone numbers.
  • While editing an FTL Quote Summary, you can press enter to move to the next field.
  • On all field dropdowns, the system can now allow users to click on the already selected option.
  • All pop-up cards' distance from the top is now consistent.
  • On the 'Visible To' field for Notes, search functionality was added.
  • A fix was made to correct the design bug during note editing.