What's New?

FMS LOADPlus Pro Integration

  • SCRM can now integrate with Freight Management Systems' (FMS) cloud TMS, LOADPlus Pro.
  • The integration allows SCRM to automatically sync data from LOADPlus Pro, such as revenues, profits, gross margin, lane history, shipment count, and accounts.
  • Fetching this data allows users to see a complete picture of their customers (data from the TMS and SCRM is now unified under one platform)

New Custom Field Types

  • In addition to dropdown and multiple selection, custom field types now include single-line text, number, and date picker.
  • This would allow users to customize SCRM to their needs.


  • Reports such as sales owner activities and customer service owner activities can now be filtered by date range.
  • Reports with graphs were improved to have search on the data selection tool as well as better readability.