What's New?

Pipeline Count Widget

  • The pipeline widgets now show the monthly increase & decrease of contacts/companies per pipeline stage.
  • The widget also provides the percentage difference compared to the prior month’s count.
  • This new implementation of the pipeline widget lets you understand how many contacts/companies are moving through each stage every month.
  • This helps users and decision-makers understand if they are maintaining a healthy and growing sales pipeline.

Pipeline Conversion Rates

  • The pipeline widgets can now be edited to show historical conversion rates across every pipeline stage in the sales funnel.
  • The conversion rate widget also lets users see the historical number of converted contacts/companies across stages in the sales pipeline.
  • Conversion rates let users and decision-makers understand the company's effectiveness in converting contacts/companies from one pipeline stage to another.
  • By understanding the conversion rates across each pipeline stage, the business can estimate how many leads are needed at the top of the funnel to acquire X customers.
  • Users can filter conversion rates at a company, salesperson, and customer service owner level to identify and correct sales conversion problems.


  • Users can now edit custom fields from the company and contact list view.