What's New?

Phone System Integration

  • SCRM can now be integrated with a VoIP phone system, allowing users to make calls from the application.
  • All outbound call data will be automatically recorded, including company name, point of contact, phone number, status, duration, and date & time.
  • Inbound call capabilities will be released in the next version.
  • Users can make calls from the contact list by hovering over the phone number and clicking the phone icon. Users can also click on the three-dot menu to place a call.

New Report

  • A new report was added - Sales Owner Activities
  • In this new report, you will find the following sales owner data:
    • Sales activities per month, yearly total, and avg/month
    • Calls per month, yearly total, and avg/month
    • Emails per month, yearly total, and avg/month
    • Meetings per month, yearly total, and avg/month
    • Rank (Based on Yearly Total)
  • You will also find the average activities of the sales team per month, yearly total, and avg/month.
  • This new report includes a line graph that shows each sales owner’s activities and the sales team’s average.
    • The graph helps users visualize results and see trends.
    • The sales team’s average activity line helps identify overperforming or underperforming sales owners.
    • Users can hover elements in the chart to see more details, select and unselect sales owners, and more.


  • The Sales Owner Conversion report allows users to see the data behind the report (drill-down functionality).
  • While creating a new quote, the company name field is now instantly interactable.