What's New?


  • Users can now upload files under the Attachments tab of a company form.
    • This allows teams to have one centralized location to store files for each company.
  • Users can create folders to organize files.
  • To upload, simply drag and drop files in the attachment tab or press the "Create New" button.
  • Files and folders can be downloaded.
  • Admins can provide and revoke user access to the Attachments feature.

Gmail Integration

  • Users can now integrate their Gmail accounts to send emails right from SCRM.

Default Views

  • Users can now select between two default views for the following pages:
    • Company List - My Companies or All Companies
    • Contact List - My Contacts or All Contacts
    • Quotes - My Quotes or All Quotes
    • Pipeline - My Companies or All Companies
  • Users can select a default by hovering on their preferred view and pressing the circle on the right.

New Reports

  • A new report was added – Customer Service Owner Detailed Performance
  • This new report allows users to understand how each customer service owner's efforts directly impact revenues, gross profits, and gross profit margins.
  • This report can also be expanded to show each owner's efforts regarding quotes sent and activities performed (Calls, Emails, In Person).


  • Users can now select an owner/s when creating a new company.
  • Email templates will now appear in a compressed state by default to show more templates in a single view.
  • Report graphs now dynamically adjust based on the selected data points.
  • Users can now call using the phone integration in the call tab of the contact form.
  • When making a call through SCRM, the call duration will now count in real-time.
  • When creating a new contact, the following fields are now optional: Email, Job Title, Role, Department
  • SCRM was optimized to be more responsive and twice as fast.