What's New?

Tasks Features

  • Users can now create a follow-up task when logging a call or in person
    • Follow-up tasks can be configured as calls, in person, or emails.
  • Point of contact column was added in the list view of tasks.
  • If a point of contact was defined in a task, the task would appear in the contact's task tab.
  • When creating a task within a contact or quote form, the point of contact is auto-selected accordingly.

Company Form Features

  • Filling up a company and/or address is now easier due to the integration with Google.
  • The application will now suggest companies or addresses that will autofill the address fields. Here's how to use this feature:
    • When creating a new company (customer or carrier), users can type in the Company Name or Street Address field, and the system will provide suggestions.
      • This feature is also available when creating a new site.
    • The system will also provide suggestions when editing the street address field in a company form (customer or carrier).
      • This feature is also available in a site form.

Carrier Features

  • Emails from carriers can now be synced within the application.
    • To start syncing, email synchronization settings must be configured. This is found on the settings tab of a carrier company form.
  • Once synced, emails will start populating within the email tabs of carrier companies and contacts.
  • Emails will also be found within the activities tabs of carrier companies and contacts.

Quote Features

  • LTL quotes can now be configured with additional cargo insurance. Additional fields to define insurance costs were also added.
    • When configuring the Charges section, users can input the insurance cost, and the system will automatically compute the sell price and profit.


  • Pop-up messages can now be dismissed or canceled using the escape button on your keyboard.
  • When a functionality that requires an integration fails, a pop-up message now appears to describe the issue.