What's New?

LCL Quoting

  • Users can now create LCL quotes.
  • LCL quotes can be combined with FTL, LTL, and Intermodal services in one single quote.
  • Users can choose among three LCL service types:
    • Door - Door
    • Door - Port
    • Port - Port
  • LCL quoting has all the features found on other services, such as adding accessorials, historical and recommended margin widgets, quote history, and commenting.

Log-in Experience

  • When a new user account is created, an email is now sent that contains the username and password.
  • On the first log-in of the new user, they are prompted to change the password.
  • When an admin resets a user's password, an option to enforce password change on the first log-in is available.

Carrier Follow-Up & New Fields

  • Follow-up tasks for calls, in-person, and emails are now available for carrier companies and contacts.
  • New fields were added to the carrier form: Type, Sub-Type, Tracking Portal URL, Portal Username, and Portal Password

Pipeline Stage Customer Contact Field

  • This new customer contact field follows the company's pipeline stage associated with the contact.
  • When the pipeline stage of a contact is changed, the company pipeline stage is not affected.

Sales Pipeline Filters Additions

  • New filter options were added to the sales pipeline: Branch, Sales Owner, Customer Service Owner


  • Phone number fields on the following forms were updated to support letters and symbols.
    • Customer Contact Form
    • Carrier Company Form
    • Carrier Contact Form
    • User Form
  • When using the sales pipeline filter, the filter setting is retained when switching from list to card view and vice versa. When a user navigates to another page, the filter setting is reset.
  • Lists on the admin module now default to ten results per page. The option for five results was removed.
  • Time picker on follow-ups show the closest time according to the user's system clock.
  • Carrier tasks now show on the To-Do list.