What's New?

Inbound and Outbound Calls

  • Users are now able to make and receive phone calls right from SCRM.
  • All call data (company name, point of contact, phone number, extension, call duration, date & time) is automatically recorded.
  • A smart call pop-up opens from anywhere in SCRM when a user calls from their physical phone or an incoming call is received. This helps the user log their calls easily.
  • When the phone number dialed/received has a match in SCRM, the system will smartly fill in or suggest call details (company name & point of contact). This helps users streamline the process further.
  • One-click, easy integration with Asterisk VoIP system.

New Sales Report

  • A new report was added - Sales Owner Avg Awarded Lane Deal Size
  • This allows users to analyze a sales owner's performance according to their average awarded deal size and compare it with the rest of the team.
  • This new report includes a line graph that shows each sales owner's monthly average awarded deal size and the sales team's average.
    • The graph helps users visualize the data and see trends.
    • The sales team's average activity line helps identify performing or underperforming sales owners.
    • Users can hover elements in the chart to see more details, select and unselect sales owners, highlight an individual line, and more.

Clone FTL Lanes

  • FTL lanes can now be duplicated by clicking "Clone" in its three-dot menu.
    • This accelerates the creation of multiple lanes with the same origin and numerous destinations and vice versa.

Quick Actions

  • Users can now quickly perform the following actions in the contact list:
    • Log Call
    • Create/Log Email
    • Log In-Person
    • Create Task
  • Call cycles now support the call functionality introduced last release, where users can make calls from the application through the phone system integration.


  • The Sales Owner Activities report now allows users to see a more detailed and granular view of the data (drill-down functionality).
  • New fields were added in the Office 365 and DAT integration settings to specify which account is integrated.
  • While creating a new contact, the company name field is now instantly interactable.