Miami, Florida – Today, Integrated Freight Systems (IFS) officially announced its Sales Pipeline feature in the Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM). This feature enables users to manage leads in the sales process in a structured and efficient manner.

"Traditionally, companies undergo various stages before transitioning into customers. One of the challenges of logistics companies is having a clear view of where leads are in the sales process," said Cristobal Pascual, Chief Product Officer of IFS. He added, "To address this, we developed the Pipeline to give users an overview of the leads in the sales pipeline and the engagement that have occurred with each lead."

With SCRM's Sales Pipeline feature, stages can be customized, add and removed, providing a high degree of flexibility for companies to tailor the software to their unique needs. Furthermore, including the 'New Customers' stage allows them to differentiate new customers from regular ones. It also provides the conversion rates from one stage to another, giving you a granular perspective of how your sales team is performing.

Additionally, users can log calls, emails, and messages in the logistics CRM within the pipeline (automated and manually). They can maintain a comprehensive record of all interactions associated with each company or contact. This functionality also allows users to prioritize follow-up efforts effectively and manage their outreach efforts within the pipeline.

IFS is working to provide more valuable features and natively integrate more logistics applications in the future. If you have any recommended functionalities or applications to integrate with SCRM, contact us.

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