Miami, Florida – Today, Integrated Freight Systems (IFS) officially announced that Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM) now integrates with PC*MILER – a tool that 3PLs use to get comprehensive truck routing and mileage information.

“The market is filled with generic GPS tools to find routes. These generic tools usually provide car-compatible routes and lack various truck-specific details, such as height, width, and turn restrictions. If not followed, these restrictions can cause delays and accidents,” said Cristobal Pascual, Chief Product Officer of IFS. He added, “to overcome this issue, we have integrated PC*MILER with SCRM. This integration helps 3PLs get comprehensive truck-compatible routing and mapping in SCRM, allowing them to create quotes with accurate truck mileage.”

When a user is creating a quote, the PC*MILER integration allows SCRM to calculate accurate truck mileage. Moreover, it gives you a comprehensive street-level digital map of the North American road network, including truck restrictions. This eliminates the need for users to toggle between apps to find accurate mileages and enter data manually in the quote, increasing the speed and accuracy of quote creation.

The integration also allows the user to add multiple stops, and SCRM calculates the mileage between them. With just a click, it can also automatically rearrange the stops to get the most optimized routes and miles. As a result, you can create an accurate quote quickly with the best price, increasing your chances of winning more shipments.

IFS is working to natively integrate more logistics applications in the future. If you have any recommended applications to integrate with SCRM, contact us.

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