Miami, Florida – Integrated Freight Systems (IFS) is excited to announce the official launch of Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM), a specialized CRM software for the 3PL industry.

SCRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management tool engineered explicitly for 3PLs, freight brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and logistics service providers. SCRM is offered in multiple license tiers to fit all companies’ financial needs and help them avoid overpaying for features they don’t need. It also comes with a forever free license version.

“The market is flooded with generic CRMs usually designed to meet the needs of all types of industries. As a result, these generic CRMs often required customization and programing to get them close to the needs of 3PLs,” said Hector Sunol, co-founder of IFS. He further added that “to overcome this problem, IFS has developed a CRM software that is specifically engineered with the needs of 3PL service providers. Additionally, SCRM comes with an advanced logistics quoting tool.”

This specialized CRM software for the 3PL industry includes not only all the general CRM capabilities but also specialized features such as:

  • Logistics Oriented Dashboard
  • Full Logistics Quoting Capabilities (FTL, LTL, IM, FCL, LCL & Air)
  • Instant Rates from Over 100+ Carriers
  • Real-time Market Conditions
  • Integrations with Freight Marketplaces
  • Carrier Relationship Management
  • Routing and Mileage
  • Rate Management

One of the reasons IFS built this software for 3PLs is that many small and mid-sized logistics service providers were forced to pay a premium to access advanced software capabilities. On the other hand, smaller companies that could not afford it were completely cut off from effectively competing in the market. But with SCRM, small and mid-size 3PLs can now afford a logistics-specialized CRM that will allow them to drive sales growth, customer retention, and operational efficiency without breaking the bank.

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