Miami, Florida – Today, Integrated Freight Systems (IFS) officially announced that Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM) now integrates with Microsoft Office 365, allowing users to synchronize and organize their emails automatically in the CRM.

“Many logistics companies use Outlook to email customers and leads. This causes a lack of visibility because email exchanges are isolated in each team member’s mailboxes, meaning there is no centralized and shared place to see email communications with customers,” said Cristobal Pascual, Chief Product Officer of IFS. He further added, “to solve this issue, we integrated SCRM with Microsoft Office 365, allowing users to view all email exchanges with customers and leads in one application.”

This integration automatically synchronizes all email exchanges (sent and received) with customers and sorts them into each contact and company. This enables the team to have clear visibility of their email exchanges with customers, promoting better teamwork and client communication since you have one centralized system to view all emails.

Moreover, the integration allows users to send emails right from SCRM. This increases the convenience of sending emails and quotes since SCRM has a full logistics quoting tool. Users no longer have to generate a quote, download it, create an email, attach the quote, write the email, and send it. Instead, users can generate a quote from SCRM, choose an email template, and send it. This simplifies and accelerates the quoting process for 3PL sales teams and keeps a record of the quotes sent through email in SCRM.

IFS is working to natively integrate more logistics applications in the future. If you have any recommended applications to integrate with SCRM, contact us. 

To learn more about SCRM, click here. 

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