Miami, Florida – IFS is proud to announce the beta release of Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM), a specialized CRM for the supply chain and logistics industry. The company aims to provide an advanced native cloud-based CRM at affordable prices to enable small to large companies to become viable competitors. Thanks to this beta release, users will get early access to the beta version of IFS’s CRM.

“Right now, there's no available specialized CRM for the logistics industry geared to manage new and existing customers' sales and service efforts,” said Cristobal Pascual, chief product officer of IFS. He further added, “To overcome this situation, IFS has developed SCRM with features such as a supply chain specific dashboard, centralized communications, full logistics quoting capabilities, unlimited integrations with freight marketplaces, carrier relationship management, routing and mileage software, and more.”

Here are some of the key highlights and features of SCRM:

  • SCRM is a CRM specifically engineered for the supply chain and logistics industry supporting all transportation modes and warehousing services.
  • The full logistics quoting feature allows users to create one consolidated quote with all transport modes and warehouse services.
  • The dashboard of the SCRM offers a supply chain-specific overview of your company's performance and activities. Users can filter the dashboard content at the company, branch, and various levels within an organization (e.g., sales executive portfolio).
  • Integrations allow companies to obtain pricing from carriers in real-time and expedite the quoting process.

SCRM will give its users a whole array of information at their fingertips that can help small to large companies drive sales growth, customer retention, and operational efficiency.

Over the last several months, SCRM has gone through significant upgrades for this beta release. IFS’s design, development, and quality assurance teams have completed the alpha testing of SCRM and are excited to collect users’ feedback from this release.

Users’ feedback is crucial in IFS’ mission to develop an advanced and user-friendly CRM for the supply chain and logistics industry. Beta customers’ feedback will allow the IFS team to improve the quality of SCRM.


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IFS is a software company that engineers specialized software solutions for the 3PL, transportation, and supply chain industry to help boost sales, customer retention, and operational efficiency. With its 35+ years of logistics and technology experience, it aims to democratize specialized software and allow small to large businesses to effectively compete in the marketplace today and in the future.

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