Miami, Florida – Today, Integrated Freight Systems (IFS) officially announced that Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM) now integrates with Freight Management Systems’ LOADPlus, allowing 3PLs to synchronize their data and see a complete view of their customer picture.

“In the logistics industry, it is very critical to understand your customer’s behavior, especially what revenues they are providing to your business,” said Cristobal Pascual, Chief Product Officer of IFS. He further added, “we integrated SCRM with LOADPlus to synchronize the data of LOADPlus in one place, allowing users to see a complete view of their customer picture and make informed business decisions.”

The integration allows SCRM to collect data from LOADPlus, such as revenues, profits, gross margin, and shipment count, and synchronize that data for each customer. Fetching this data allows users to see a complete picture of their customers, viewing critical revenue information along with activities such as calls, emails, meetings, notes, etc., all within SCRM.

The integration lets users see which customers are providing the most business and which ones are taking their business elsewhere. This level of visibility allows 3PLs to ensure their most loyal customers are provided with the best service or retake customers that are shipping less.

Additionally, the integration enables users to view the company’s sales performance accurately. Users can check the performance of individual salespeople, branches, and the company as a whole. As a result, the business can make data-driven decisions to improve its sales performance.

IFS is working to natively integrate more logistics applications in the future. If you have any recommended applications to integrate with SCRM, contact us.

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